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3rd tortoise palm pillar

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Looks like on try three with CSN 11, I am getting similar results to CSN 12 and 9. All seem to have a large flame and burn ok for the first 3 hours and then during the second 3 hour test burn, I have a blow out. Should I try another CSN? Or switch to different wicks? Suggestions welcome. First pic is after 3 hours and 2nd pic is 2.5 hours into 2nd burn. BTW: I know the pattern is not perfect, but more interested in wick testing at this moment.



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I think that CSN 14 is straight-up too big, while CSN 5 and 7 are votive/tealight sizes. I tested them and they didn't burn well. The CSN 7 actually made a respectable melt pool, but both burned weakly and looked obviously too small.

It seems like my tortoise shell pillars have been blowing out more easily lately. I'm surprised at how much difference the warm weather makes, but I really believe the 5 to 8 degree increase in room temp has had a big impact.

Tortoise shell tends to melt out wide and I had to limit my test burns to 3 hours even before it got warm. Maybe you should compare 9, 11 and 12 and pick the best one even if you have to burn for a shorter time. The only other thing I can think of is maybe see if less FO will produce a more downward burn.

I don't know any other wick that would be a better choice and I've just about tried them all. RRD is the only other one that's fully compatible with the wax, but it makes an even wider melt pool. Other wicks like CDN might tunnel more, but only because they're always half-fried and don't burn normally.

Thanks again for sharing your testing.

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