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Do you put any color in linen spray/air freshener?


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I'm mixing up a few batches of room freshener and wondered whether to add a tiny bit of color? It just looks so "blah" with no color, but I like to label it "Linen Spray & Room Freshener" and sure don't want to be the source of a stain on someone's fabric!

I really would not have thought it was okay if DH hadn't accidentally put body spray base in 2 smelly jelly jars--we kept waiting for the smelly jellies to swell up and nothing happened and finally he picked up the bottle he had poured the "distilled water" from--it was the body spray base!! So, just hating to waste 16 oz of spray base, I tried it on some of my old sheets and didn't have any discoloration--and the color was deep burgundy!

Makes me think it might be okay to put a couple of drops of color in to liven things up!!

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If you want to try it, maybe test it out on your white linens first? I don't think a lil drop would be too bad. I don't color mine either. I use poly 20 (make my own spray) so it's milky. I package them in blue bottles so you can't see the color anyways.

Try it out though and let us know how it works!


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