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Glass Glow

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Hi everyone :)

I have a quick question, I am curious if Glass Glow Palm wax is easy to clean up like Soy wax is?

I see the melt point is higher than Soy and was wondering if that makes a huge difference in how it cleans up?

I love my soy wax because with a little hot soapy water, it cleans up in a jiffy.. not too sure about Glass Glow though..

I wanted to try that next because I'm almost out of CB Advanced and the HT isn't what I really was hoping for... Plus, the GG is very pretty with the crystal formations!

Thanks a bunch! Susie

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I wipe out my pitcher with paper towel after I pour so it's doesn't harden up on me 1st. You are really going to like the GG make sure you poke relief holes.

debbie73, I read your post in the starburst test thread about my pictures, I think you guys could possibly be right. My bag of starburst???? is very powdery. I did call the supplier and they are looking into it. Thanks

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Thanks for the Info :cheesy2:

Soy327, what are relief holes? :confused:

I am very much looking forward to trying GG... The one thing that really interests me is that you don't have to wait for it to cool down much like Soy wax...

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After you pour save a liitle wax, let the candle cool til you get about 1/8" crust, I take a knife (fish fillet knife) and poke a circle around the wick. It will mess up the top but it will release any air bubbles inside, sometimes you can see them underneath the the thin layer. I do that a couple of times, (I push the circle down into the candle)Then let it cool completely and very carefully just top it off with your save wax heated back up of course to smooth out the top of the candle.

There probably is some other ways to do that and I'm sure somebody else might chime in with their way.

I used to poke holes with a skewer and use my heat gun to melt some wax down into the holes I made but that makes the top look kinda burnt until you test burn and let it cool on it's own.

I hope hope that helped, if not do a search on "wrecking" you will find alot of posts.

Oh and we want pictures please:drool::drool:

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:laugh2: Soy327!! I'll post pictures, I promise.. even if they don't come out perfectly the 1st time.....

I am very excited.. I may have found a supplier in Sacramento, which would be awesome for me as that would save me huge shipping costs..lol... I'm going to call tomorrow and see if they have GG wax. They say palm wax on their website, but don't elaborate as to which brand or type...

My soy candles are very fun to make, but the process does slow me down a bit waiting for the wax to cool to my pouring temp, which is around 115 degrees. :waiting:

Soooo... Oh and thanks for the info on Relief holes.. That makes sense because once in a while I'll get sinkholes with my soy wax. On the surface they look like a little crack around the wick, but underneath is a cavern... LOL.. even if I cool the wax as slowly as possible.... I find my heatgun does a pretty good job of melting and exposing the holes good enough to have the melted surface wax pour in and fill up the hole...

And, I don't care what anybody says.. the wet spots with CB Advanced are just as bad, whether I heat the jars up beforehand or not. Hmmph... I simply gave up on trying to prevent them.. *dead horse*(if you look at yankee candles, they are FULL of wet spots)... I'm hoping that Palm wax doesn't go the wet spot thing as bad as soy...

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