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Wicking Peaks Pink Sugar

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I have a wedding candle order for Pink Sugar. Have been having a lot of difficulty wicking this FO. I see a lot of others have also - Is this just impossible to wick, do I need to ask the customer to pick a different FO.?

I use 4630. Have tried Zinc 51 dround out. tried 60 drowned.

Also tried CD's 14, 16 - both drowned out. 18 too big a flame with too large of a melt pool and too hot a jar.

Any suggestions?


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Have you tried HTP or LX wicks? Those are the ones I'd use with that wax. Maybe try an HTP 83 and go up from there. :)

[Edited to add] I use a CD 10 with this size jar, but I use 464 soy wax. I thought the CDs were supposed to work better with natural waxes, imo if you're not having success with the CDs then try the HTPs or LXs, I believe they are recommended for your specific wax.

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