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Need some help here...

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We just signed up tonight but have been lurking in the background for quite some time. But we need some help here.

There is a thread in the marketplace: http://www.craftserver.com/forums/showthread.php?t=90989#post838474

We want to contact the seller about some of her items but cannot post in that forum yet or use the PM, would it be to much to ask one of our fellow candle makers to reply to her or PM her and pass our email so we can discuss her sale? Our direct email is EccoLightsSales @ gmail . com

Hope this isn't wrong to ask, but just can't pass up a good deal in this economy.

Thanks everyone and LOVE the site!!! xoxo

Rob and Troy

Ecco Lights

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Yeah you have to be a member of the forum for a month before you can view the Marketplace and send PMs. I sent Dana a message for you with a link to this thread.

Thank you so much JacquiO, we really can't thank you enough for sending her a message for us :)

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