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Hey guys and gals,

New to the site but have been making candles for years here. We make soy containers, tarts, votives, tea lights and just get creative with our products :) Love to custom make scents and we also do hand painted glassware that we fill with our candles too :)

Hope to meet some of you and maybe throw in our two cents here and there :)

Rob and Troy

Ecco Lights :)

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Rightfully it would be hun if we were just saying "BOO" on each thread, but we actually did input what we do know... so don't personally see that as spamming? is it?

If so we are sorry. And didn't notice the 30 day rule, thought it was the 8 post OR 30 days. Guess you never tried to save a few bucks on anything did you?

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Someone will get a good deal. Most likely it will be an established participating forum member instead of someone who only signed up to get something cheap and is obviously bombarding the board with slack posts to do it. Sounds fine to me. And I'm not your hun.

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Look, were not trying to start a disagreement here with anyone. Im sure there are many others that have lurked in the shadows reading and researching for a long time *like us* And I will apologize right now for "bombarding" the forums with apparently our worthless posts..... its weird, for some reason we actually thought this was a "friendly forum" but maybe our thoughts were completely wrong............

Thanks for the great welcome to CraftServer!

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I would just like to give you a heartfelt welcome to the forum.

I've been a member of this forum for 10 years now and it's a shame you had to be greeted with such hostility. Try not to take it personally. Trust me we all get our share of abusive posts now and then and it's best just to ignore them.

I read over some of your recent posts and I wouldn't classify anything you said as spam. There certainly are times I get on and in an hour I've done 10 or more posts and I don't consider that spamming - I'm just on a roll.

There's nothing wrong with expressing your desire to participate in the marketplace. We do have the rule that you have to have 8 posts and be a member for 30 days before you can access those sections. This is done to protect us from people coming in and running bogus ads and co-ops, collecting a bunch of money and then disappearing and even that's not a guarantee. It's still an "at your own risk" transaction. But when you're the buyer and you're the one sending money before the items are shipped then you are assuming the risk. As far as it being a matter of only "seasoned" members getting the good deals I know from personal experience that it can take a while to unload your unwanted supplies and the more business one can get the better but ultimately it's up to the seller to do business with you.

Cheers and good luck. We're happy to have you.

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