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Micro wax and 1274

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Here's a 3" pillar with 0.5% of 175mp microcrystalline wax ( IGI5715 ) and 3% FO.

I get no oil bleed at 4% FO, and no more bulge or sag on long burns. Those were my biggest problems with the wax and they're solved. Looks and acts as nice as the 4045H I tried.

I've tried a half dozen FOs, sizes, and wicks and the only problem is that some FOs (Peak Hyacinth) that mottle with no additives won't (or barely) mottle at 3% with even 0.25%. If you want 4-5% then I bet it would.

I've also tried Genwax 195mp micro and get similar results at 0.25% of it vs 0.5% of the 175. The .5% candle did mottle but it looks more like trapped bubbles than the typical mottling look.

I sometimes get pits in the surface, too, depending on the conditions. I forget if that's typically from too hot or cold a pour, but I also remember that 2% stearic fixed it so Ill have to try that with the micro. They're minor, though, and I really like the translucency I get with the 175 micro. Candlechem's clear crystals gave me even more of a translucent look but that was almost too clear.

No problems wicking with any of the micros. LX-14 in 2.5" and 16 in 3" pillars works for all.

Not sure where you can get 5715 in small qty, but maybe if any of you use Candlewic's micro with 1274 you could weigh in on whether it acts similar.

So, I can always tweak now, but I think I have a good solid wax to work with for mottled pillars now.

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Here is an example of the pits I'm sometimes seeing:


0.25% 195mp micro 3% CS Dragon's Blood here, but have seen a similar effect before.

The 195mp micro at 0.5% "trapped bubbles" finish:


And an extreme example of the smooth vs. pitted finish issue I'm having:


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That was the other thread I discussed it with Top, alright. Try stearic or warming the mold. I had good results with 2% stearic.

I'm trying 1% stearic just now with .5% Micro 195 to see if it will a) help with pits and B) increase mottling at all. Using 3% CS Dragon's Blood ( one of my favorites ).

The trapped bubbles look I got on the short 3" did not happen with the 2.25", so it may have been from fast cooling. I got a air bubble like texture on the very top of the 2.25" one, and only a few specks of mottle. Otherwise a nice, solid color, translucent candle.

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Amazing the difference 1% stearic makes. Both with .5% 195mp micro and 3% FO:


Compare 0.25% micro on the left with the same candle on the right:


The mottles on the stearic are white at their lightest parts, whereas with less micro the lightest parts are light blue, as if they're just a bit below the surface.

Can't say the stearic helped any with the pits. Still a fair number, this time on the top half inch or so of the sides. Likely the part that cools fastest in the aluminum mold on a glass plate.

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