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2 new batches using my woodfields molds

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I love love love these molds. No more lining. Soap comes out of the mold so beautifully...nice square edges.

I'm disappointed in my colors though. They look glorious in the mold...

but have faded.

The 2 lb log is Clean from NG. I used Blueberry Pop and Tangerine Pop.

The blueberry looks so fantastic after unmolding...the Tangerine is nonexistant now.

The slab is Very Sexy for Men from WSP. I used Apple Green Pop...and Black Mica for the swirl.

Cut pics later today when I cut.



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That's one of the reasons I've been taking photos of the soap right after pouring into the molds. I get so disappointed when the fade after sitting overnight. I also take photos right after cutting, to show the difference. Sometimes, it's just slight ash and you can wipe out off and the color will still be there. I love the colors and the swirls are great.

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Here is the pic of them cut. Cell phone camera...so not the best shot of them.

Seems like the Very Sexy for men is light. Hope it comes back. The Clean smells great!

I really love these molds....and unmolding is a breeze. I highly recommend them if your considering them :)

Oh...and Barbara...thanks for the tip on the tangerine. I should have used way more.


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