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Two layered soap


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I'm going to make a two layered chocolate mint batch of soap.

Here's what I'm going to do:

I'm going to measure the oils, mix them and make the mixture in half.

I'm going to use cocoa powder in lye water for the chocolate part and make the chocolate part first and then, just pour it into the mold and put the lid on.

Then, I'm going to start making the mint part with lye and mint infusion and the remaining oil which I made in half before. I'll then fill the other half of the mold with mint part, cover it for 12 hours.

What do you think? Is this how layered soaps are made? It takes longer this way but I guess I have no choice because I'm having to different lye water.

by the way, how much cocoa powder should I use (either in lye water or at trace) to have a chocolate brown color at the end?



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That's how I do the layers. I would recommend when you pour the second layer, pour your soap onto a spoon to protect the bottom layer. If it's still soft, the mint layer could go through the cocoa one. The spoon protects it from penatrating the first and softly lets it sit on top of the first layer.

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