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Are you supposed to go by the wax or the FO?

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Neither one really.

Wax suppliers suggest the maximum that the wax can hold. You're not neccesarily going for the maximum. That number may not be accurate and varies with the FO anyway. The maximum isn't always about what smells best or burns well, and it isn't always about what's cost effective.

Fragrance suppliers can't predict the scent throw you want or the performance of the wax or candle you put the FO into. When they suggest an amount, it's often just to claim that their FOs are very strong. But it's probably a shot in the dark.

Decide on an amount based on your testing. The list below is roughly the range that typically works best for different types of wax. Choose a starting point (maybe the lower amount) and test. Be prepared to not only go up but down from there. Some FOs really are very strong and you might be able to use less.

Plain paraffin (or paraffin + stearic) pillars:

1/2 to 3/4 oz per lb (3% to 4.5%)

Paraffin pillar preblends:

3/4 to 1 oz per lb (4.5% to 6%)

Palm wax:

3/4 to 1 oz per lb (4.5% to 6%)

Paraffin container blends:

1 oz to 1 1/4 oz per lb (6% to 7.5%)

Soy wax:

1 1/4 to 1 1/2 oz per lb (7.5% to 9%)

None of that is cast in stone, but it's a pretty reasonable guideline to help you get started.

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