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Hope this is not in the wrong spot, I just found this site and althou new here, not to candlemaking. I wanted to say hello to everyone and introduce myself. My DH and I have been making candles for 7 years now, selling for only 3 years. IMO, the importance of testing cannot be mentioned to often, as reading on here, you all do such a great job in getting that out. I'm so glad I found this site and have really enjoyed reading all your posts. I have my candles in about 10 retail sites. I use a soy paraffin blend. I live on a small farm with my husband and 2 children. I am a stay at home Mom. Well, guess I've babbled enough for now, just wanted to say hello and hope to meet alot of new friends.


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Thankyou all so much for the kind words and welcoming. It's easy to see there are alot of wonderful, friendly people here. I hope there are things I will be able to contribute here also. I love learning more about candles so I think I found the right place. I also love anything primitive. Thankyou again for all the friendly hello's!


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Welcome to the forum Cindylou. Newbies and experienced chandlers alike can gain so much from this site. From time and money saving tips and techniques to new suppliers, distributors and products to help expand your line and lower your mfg costs.

The only thing you got to watch out for is getting bit by soap and B&B bug. I've been member of this site and making candles for 10 years now and it tempted me into trying soap & B&B now I don't want to do anything else LOL.

Also once you've been a member for a month with 8 or more posts you'll have access to the forum's marketplace where you can buy,sell and trade excess stock and equipment, you can participate in co-ops and you can swap finished products.

I love participating in the swaps. You get to try new scents, see new ways of doing things, check out different packaging and even learn a new recipe or two.

Best of all are the people who are so helpful and nice and willing to share their talents.

I hope to see more of you on the boards in the coming months.



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