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Thank You Scentsy... LMFAO

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Well, I must say Scentsy definitely has made my warmer and melt sales skyrocket!! :cheesy2:

I did a show last night and the girls loved that I sold the lighted warmer and 1 free melt for $15.00. They were all complaining about going to Scensty parties and how expensive they were. They all said my warmer looked just like Scentsy's but my prices werer so much better!!

They were charging $35.00 for a similar warmer and melt.

So Scentsy. You keep marketing warmers and melts at your hight prices, because my sales are booming due to your advertising!!!:laugh2:

Time to order more warmers, sold out of them last night. WHAHOO!!

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Congrats on your good show! May I ask which warmers your customers like so well? Scentsy is not well known in my area, so people still look at me confused when I talk about tarts every so often. They do sell pretty good for me after I explain it to people.

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