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Chart of wicks

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Hi All. I am new to Craft Server...Just found this after about 4 years of making candles....boy would this have been helpful for the last 48 months!

I am trying to find a good explanation of the differences between wicks-I see Cd mentioned throughout many threads....

I have tried ECO, Hemp, CD, HTP, and never seem to find consistently that one burns the same. Had good luck with Hemp for about a year and then my supplier changed jars and they don't heat the same....I am now on HTP and back experimenting with pour temps, wick types, etc....

My main product is a 3 7/8 diameter 16 oz apothecary...it's right at the struggling melt pool size for every type of wick.

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Hi Andy. Welcome to Craftserver! Lots of helpful info here and you can do searches to help you find more info on lots of candlemaking projects.

I got a lot of helpful information on wicks and flame burns at Wicks Unlimited www.wicksunlimited.com

Also, many suppliers like Peaks, CS, C&S, etc. have info on each type of wick they sell. CS also has a wick guide to help you select a starter wick for your wax and jar combo. Just a few ideas here to get you started.

We can also help you if you tell us what wax you are using with your apothecary jar. Those are particularly difficult jars to wick because of their wide diameter but it can be done successfully. You will probably get a lot of wick suggestions that way but it may help to understand why some people prefer a certain wick over another.

I've single wicked 4" Apothecary jars with 60z wicks when I was using a parasoy blend. Got a great burn and scent throw but zincs are prone to mushroom.

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