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need help with recipe


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Hello to all

I wanted to try this recipe to make a salve but I wanted to know if i can use another oil in place of the kukui oil and also what do you think the measurements should be if you can help me.

Calendula oil

kukui nut oil

neem seed oil

olive oil

jojoba oil

almond oil

rosehip seed oil


shea butter

cocoa butter mango butter

vitamin E

sweet orange essential oil, tangerine essential oil

lemon essential oil

Thank you

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may i ask if this is a healing salve for psoriasis, or non specific dermatitus? if so, the recommended upper limit for this is 10% and neem is rather odorous.

what are you trying to formulate for? you have a nice line-up of oils, i would suggest just increasing the others if you don't wish to use kukui oil. or maybe using rice bran oil, or another light oil?

if you are applying to irrated skin, IMHO-i would not use any citrus e/o. maybe a little lavender, immoretelle, palma rosa & carrot seed eo's.

plz remember, this is only my best guess.

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