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problems finding the right wick

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Hello all,

I hope to find some help here as I have not found it elsewhere.

I am using EsoSoya PB, and EcoSoya CB Advanced. I have CD-wicks & Eco-wicks. I'm having a lot of trouble with the Eco-wicks. In a 2x3 1/2 pillar, after numerous test burns,I tried the Eco-4,6,8 & 10 & CD- 5. I had it narrowed down to the eco-4 wick which I test burned 3 more times and it worked really good. Someone made a comment that their pillar candle was drowing out. I started to test burn again with the eco-4 and now it is to small. I tried the eco-6 wick and find that it is not big enough. I'm also trying a CD-8 wick to see how it does.

Do I need to use a different kind of wick? Could I just have bad wicks, or could I have bad wax? I have had a lot of problems with the Eco-Wicks trying to burn out, no matter the size or weather it is a pillar or container. I NEED HELP PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!

I live in Southaven, MS. It has been chilly here the last couple of weeks. We are in what is called Blackberry winter but that will only last a few more days.

I want to Thank you in advance for any help you may give me.

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I tried making 2" soy pillars a couple of years ago with disastrous consequences. I found them virtually impossible to wick correctly.

Maybe others here have had more success but I gave up in the end. I discussed it with some other UK based chandlers and they all gave up on 2" soy pillars too. Seems it's easier to do 3".

I think it's because with such a small diameter they are more like tall votives. I just got fed up with the blow outs :sad2:

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Same here. I have pretty much given up on the 2" Soy. I tried to wick so the candle would consume and that requires a wick that is way too big. When I try to wick to leave a shell, I get blowouts. So now I will pour a 3" Soy pillar and if I want a 2" pillar I use Palm instead of soy.

A 2.5" inch soy pillar gives me fair to good results if I don't power burn them.

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