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Throw from votive and 4oz Jelly Jar

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Hey everyone, I have a couple of questions....

I have been making votives for quiet a while and they look great and smell good, but to me the HT isn't great. I am using 1 oz per lb and IGI 4794 wax. they burn great, nice and even. No flickering or smoking. I let them cure for at least 3 days sometimes way more. My hubby comes in from being out all day and says he smells them but even if I haven't poured for days I don't think they are that strong...Any thoughts?

1 more....I made my first 4 oz jelly jar candles the other day with 1oz per lb using IGI 4630. They turned out WAY better than I thought they would...lol The only visible problem I saw was on one side the wax didn't adhere to the jar all the ways about in the middle of the jar...you can't see it from the top...only from really looking at the side of the jar. I am testing the first now...melt pool so far is great! All the way around and even. I am using 44-24-18 z wicks. I am getting a good scent throw but not knock your socks off...is that because this wax says it will hold 1 1/2 oz per lb?

Sorry this is so long...I guess I just kept going so if anyone is still reading this, any imput is much appreciated! lol tia :)

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I've used both those waxes in the past and they are good waxes, but I did find 1 1/2 oz/lb gave a better throw with some FO's. If you don't think you're getting a good throw with 1 oz./lb, try 1 1/2 oz/lb and see if the throw is better.

I use parasoy now for votives, pillars and jars and able to use 1 oz./lb or less to get a great throw. Unfortunately, testing different FO's to find those that you only need 1 oz./lb is costly, but they are out there!!

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