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Flat vs Concave

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Hi there. :) Is there any significance in the difference between flat and concave tops to molds, or is it just a matter of visual preference? I can't decide which I like better, so I figured I'd ask and go from there.

Also, what do you like to use? Just for looks or any other reason. :)

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The tin plated molds actually do leave a line.

Seamless aluminum for me, most of the time. Durability is one reason but there are others. Apart from appearance, concave vs. flat affects the initial burns. Usually the flame doesn't get as tall on the first burn with a concave top.

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Seamless aluminum and concave tops and also preferably a wick pin to fit the seamless mold.

Seamless because seams are a PITA to to shave and polish away.

Concave because when you seal it with putty or wick plug or screw a flat mold won't stand straight unless it has a raised base (but those types of molds typically have seams also)

Wick pin - a candle makers best friend. Just seal the hole in the bottom with metal tape or putty and forget about the wick until after the candle has cooled. No messing with trying to thread your wick and get it taut and you're guaranteed a centered wick every time.

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