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FO suppliers in or around Florida


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I think CS is in Georgia, which is close enough, and their shipping (especially if you reach 200 pounds, is MORE than reasonable) but, are there other REALLY high quality FO suppliers in or around Florida with reasonable shipping?

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Hi Isbennis,

Are you thinking of www.camdengray.com ? They are located in the Miami area. They sell both fragrance and essential oils...along with a lot of other stuff. I have not used any of their products but I am sure that if anyone on this board has used thier FOs they will chime in and let you know what they think. (Florida is truly lacking in suppliers for candlemakers :sad2:)

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@Traveler...I have not used Camdengray, I thought they were mostly soap oriented but I will check out their site to see what they have. Yes FL is seriously lacking some good suppliers. :angry2:

They're more along the lines of essential oils, but they have some FOs ... a very limited amount.

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