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container candle question

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Last year I was testing the 7 oz hex jar for a container candle with soy. I always got frustrated because my candle would be great until the last 2 burns when the jar would get too hot. So I decided to stop with the those jars and start at the bottom (tealights) and work my way up to the larger ones.

I was researching "burn" times on tarts to compare mine with those already selling (partylite, yankee, anybody else that came up with g.oogle). On one of the websites I was looking at, it said to stop burning when 1/2 inch wax was left at the bottom of the container because the jar would get too hot.

The warning labels that I have drawn up also say to stop burning with 1/2 inch of wax is left on the bottom of the jar. So my question is, would you have let my jars go that I threw out because the last burns (when there was less than 1/2 inch left) got to hot... or would you have been like me and threw them out as well?

I have that right now with a 2 oz tin that I was testing. throw was OK, was going to try the wick higher since the wick lower had no throw, but these last 2 burns the tin is just too hot. There looks to be about 1/8 inch left of wax (hard to say since you can't measure through the glass like the container ones can). Since these last 2 burns were so hot, I decided not to test the larger wick thinking that would also be too hot.


(sorry if this is posted somewhere else, could not find it with search, but I am search challenged :laugh2:)

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I would have kept making the jars. This is common for container candles. You really shouldn't let them burn past half an inch. The way to fix this isn't by using different jars but by using different wick-tab sustainer bases. You should buy the pre-tabbed that have the at least 9mm high collars. This way the wick burns out before the wax gets too low in the containers.

Personally I like to buy waxed spools of wicking and cut and tab them myself. It's hard to both find pre-waxed spools and/or 9mm or longer pre-tabbed wicks. Candlesandsupplies and Wicks Unlimited are the only two suppliers that I know of that sell primed spools of waxed wicking but another boardie may know of others. Candlewic can also custom build wicks with the high collar sustainer bases but you really have to buy in bulk. For testing purposes you can still go with your pre-tabbed wicks but once you look to market you may want to look into custom built wicks with safety length tabs. http://www.wicksunlimited.com/safety_lengths_clips.php

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