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Healing Gardens ZZZ Therapy Recipe?


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I am looking for a fragrance oil recipe to replicate Coty's Zzz Therapy bath salts. I know from the container that it has chamomile, vanilla, orange blossom, dry nonfat milk, and mineral salts. I think it may have sea salt in it also... instead of the typical rocks of mineral salts, it also has the "shards" as some people have called them. It is really uncomfortable if you don't get the mixed in! The problem is figuring out the amount of each! I am desperate to replicate these bath salts. They are no longer available, and I keep buying the shower gel on ebay but it is not the same. Right now I'm using Lavendar epsom salts and a squirt of calming baby bath, but it barely does the trick. Do any of you know this scent?


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