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First CP Soap and Swap Spoilers


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This is my first CP soap ever. I colored it with rose clay and the fragrance is rose FO blended with clove EO. I followed this CT tutorial to help me through my first batch: http://www.candletech.com/soap-making/cold-process-soap-making/

The bars are short because the loaf mold I bought said it was for 3lbs CP but I think it meant 3lbs oils where I was calculating for oils and solution.

Now I know better.



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These are my most recent I made for the spring soap swap. Both scents are from C&S's special $5 per lb FOs. The Rasp/Lemon Pop is scented Blackberry grapefruit which soaped beautifully. The Grape/Lemon Pop is scented in Lavender Lemongrass it accelerated a little but smells awesome.





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Wow, I am so impressed that those were your first CP soaps! I'm thinking about getting the nerve up to try CP (just started reading the Soapmaker's Companion), and here I was thinking I'd start with just plain white! Hmmm... maybe I'll give it a shot! Yours look beautiful and very professional to me. Great job!


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