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Need some help

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One of this summer's hot wedding colors appears to be persimmon. At least I'm getting alot of requests for it within the past week. Anyways...I looked at pics on the web and it appears to be a dark orange(like a pumpkin orange) with a touch of red in it? Does anyone know for sure? Any suggestions as to the dyes to mix to achieve this color? I'm not sure mixing pumpkin orange and red would do it:confused:...sometimes what seems obvious isn't the right answer.:tiptoe: TIA

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To me it's more a medium kind of burnt orange and red. Try mixing orange, red and maybe a touch of brown. Or if you have a pumpkin spice color, add a touch of red to that. You're just gonna have to start mixing and keep track of your amounts. Good luck!

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I would consult a bridal website. i looked it up on David's Bridal, a pretty well known bridal dress store. Here is the link for persimmon colored dresses:


Or just go to www.davidsbridal.com and type in Persimmon in their search engine. It looks like it is a orange with a little red, kindof coral looking to me. I think you can't go wrong since it is a national website.


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