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need opinions on CS and Peaks for my wax


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Hey everyone,

I'm still somewhat new at all this, I started last summer making candles...I do votives with 4794 and containers with igi 4630

I have only gotten scents from Peaks and Lonstar...didn't really love LS.

I was thinking of trying CS and more from Peaks.

Anyone have some recommendations on what smells stronger and throws better in my waxes from these 2 places? I am just trying to not order from too many places right now to keep down shipping costs and have always heard great things about both.

I love foods/fruity smells....but any recommendations are greatly appreciated!! TIA

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They are both good places. I probably tend to buy more from CS. But both are good.

From CS some of my favorite out of the category you described are:

strudel and spice

cranberry marmalade

white tea and berries

wildberry mousse

I have poured the following and they all smell good in wax although I haven't test burned them yet


strawberry shortcake

cinnamon buns


blackberry marmalade

Rain Water is really nice but it's more of a light floral

If you do decide to go with peaks I like there bird of paradise a lot...it's fruity.


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Some recommendations from CS ...

Cranberry Marmalade




Brandied Pear

Pumpkin Souffle



Clean Cotton


Love Spell


Wildberry Mousse

This is off the top of my head ... I'm sure there's more ... I use 6006 usually at 6% or less with some scents.

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Not to make your decision too hard but if you like a lot of food scents I really like KY for their bakery fragrances. I think all their oils are really good. Somethng to keep in mind for later on down the road.

I like the following a lot:

Creme Brulee

Birthday Cake

Hot Apple Pie

Blueberry Parfait -new but good

Apple Clove Butter

Cinnamon Vanilla

I also plan to try mix their coconut with the orange chiffon cake. It gets a lot of good reviws. I accidently ordered the wrong thing on my last order though and didn't get the coconut cream pie

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There are so many good ones at CS

Some of my favorites are...

Cinnamon Buns

Red Hot Cinnamon

Lemon Chiffon

Pumpkin Souffle(super strong and yummy)

Mac Apple(another strong one)

Blueberry Cheesecake

Hazelnut Coffee

Cranberry marmalade

Those are just a few off the top of my head....they all throw great in parasoy(6006)

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I've only tried Peak and CS so far for FOs and like them both. OOB, CS FOs always smell better to me (can I fit anymore acronyms into this sentence?!?). I'm using the FOs for candles and B&B. I'm using a parasoy and a paraffin blend. Here's my list of FOs I've tested:


Pear Spice (candles only -- great hot throw, love it, just ordered more)

White Tea & Ginger (used it in a diffuser yesterday -- nice throw)

Cranberry Citrus (very strong and sweet, don't like it but good throw)

French Vanilla (don't like it, but I don't like French Vanillas much)


Buttercream (great CT/HT -- used in candles and B&B)

Cranberry Marmalade (spicy and yummy, great CT/HT)

Rain Water (used in M&P -- everyone loves it)

Ocean (M&P -- nice but not as nice as Rain Water)

Very Vanilla (only used in a shea body butter so far -- nice and strong)

Sage & Pomegranate (used in sugar scrubs -- very nice)

Honeydew (used in FBB -- very nice scent)

Vanilla Hazelnut (candles -- good HT, not super strong IMO)

Tuscan Melon (used in scrubs -- nice scent)

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