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I just ordered samples from Backwoods for holiday scents (yes, I tend to get started very early!!! lol). I ordered Pistachio Dream Cake, hoping it would smell like B&BW's Nutcracker Sweet that was out this past holiday season, and Sugar Plum Fairy. But I think I'm going to have to rename them. I already carry Peak's Sugar Plum Berries as a seasonal scent, so I don't want another name with "Sugar Plum" in it. And I carry NG's "Nutcracker", also as a seasonal scent, so I can't bite off B&BW's name, but "Pistachio Dream Cake" just doesn't sound holidayish to me.

I haven't even smelled them yet since I literally placed the order 15 minutes ago, but I'm just brainstorming right now. Any inspiration would be appreciated :)

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The Pistachio Dream Cake is to die for! :cheesy2: I mix it with a whipped cream fo to sweeten it and it's one of my favorite scents in wax!

Hmmm, to your naming question. I did a quick google search and found lots of pistachio mixed with cranberry recipes (biscotti, etc.), and Emeril has a recipe for a Cassata Siciliana Canoli Cake that has pistachios in it. I don't know if that helps any but it sure made me hungry! :drool:

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