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Relay For Life basket finally put together


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I finally managed to round up everything that was donated for my "Nothing Better Than Handmade For Finding A Cure" basket for a raffle to benefit my son's relay for life team. Well, almost rounded everything up. My mom asked me to wait one more day so she could finish knitting a dish cloth. I packaged everything from one person individually and attached a business card if one was sent or the person's name and where they were from. It is hard to see all the items as I have them pretty jammed in the basket, but I listed all the items on the inside of the basket card. I also lined and trimmed the basket.


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I'm a step ahead of you. I bought a few bags at Walmart after easter with just that in mind. I also picked up a few pink wicker easter baskets as well. The things in this basket were too heavy to put grass under and you wouldn't have seen any of it anyway, but I had enough duplicates of things that I'm going to make up a smaller basket to use at for our chinese raffle and I'll use some of it then and our team has to provide a basket at the relay for their chinese auction. I'm making a candle basket for that. Come to think of it , I didn't really buy grass, I bought pink paper shred. I also bought a few pink and purple florals and such at Michaels the day after valentines to use for relay.

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