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KY Soy Whipped Body Butter


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Help!! KY is out of their Soy Whipped Body Butter and they don't know when they will be getting anymore in--AHHHH!! I LOVE this stuff and so do my customers!! HELP!! Does anyone know where I can find any like it? Does anyone have any they are willing to sell me?


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They have been out for months and I talked to Vicki a long time ago so who knows when it will be back. :( I love that stuff. She said they are going back to the original way it was first introduced which is the best. I did not like the new way it was made, the texture wasn't as nice. Hopefully she will get it soon as I really want some. I don't believe there is any other that is exactly like hers unless I'm wrong but I have never seen anything exactly like it.

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have you thought of creating your own soy butter/shea butter.

i have been tinkering arount with lipidthix at lotion crafter-here's the link:


i made a very nice butter with ricebran oil and mango butter, but i'm sure with a little "R & D" you can develope your own.

the trick to doing this is to heat and hold your oil at a temp just higher than the lipidthix for 20-30 minutes. you get a much smoother product.

this was my first try:

10 oz

6 oz RBO


heat & hold-stir occasionally as it cools down. at about 130 degrees i added 2.8 oz SHEA BUTTER, stirring to incorporate and melt.

as it cools down and starts to solidify, i use an electric mixer to whip it and incorporate air into it.

before it completely cools, i spoon it into jars.

you can make this for less than 25% of what you're paying for it, PLUS you save on shipping!


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Vickey never answered if it was coming back or not and I know it's been asked on the message board. It was never consistent like it was way back when(not Vickey's fault), so I went searching for another body butter to replace it because I couldn't wait.

I ended up loving NG's yogurt lotion and it's very versatile! You can make everything with that stuff! Plus you save on shipping since you mix it with distilled water at at least 50/50 ratio. Less weight to ship! Just started testing it and will be adding to my site shortly. LOVE IT! It feels great on your skin and even 50/50 it's not greasy. I hate greasy lotion, it makes me break out and feel like I need to wash my hands after I use it. Good price too!

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Thanks so much for posting that info, Shanna. I think I may take your advice...sounds like a good idea. Love NG...as well as KY. I am desperate for something like the soy whip butter!!! I have to head over to NG & take a look at that yogurt lotion you are talking about. 50/50 with water, huh?

Terri M.

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You're very welcome! I'm picky when it comes to lotion and to tell you the truth KY's was too greasy for me. Personal preference though. This is also much more smooth than the soy whip.

The description has all the info you need to mix. I use the hand mixer and mix it 50/50 with distilled water(make sure you use distilled) but you can mix a thinner lotion also for bottles. The 50/50 mix is good to spoon into jars.

Here's the link:


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