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Need A New Apple Jack & Peel


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I am not very happy with the Apple Jack and Peel that I have been using for the past couple of years. The fragrance has become watered down and is not as strong from the supplier as it use to be.

What are your favorite Apple Jack and Peel suppliers? I need to find a stronger one.


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Not sure whose you are using now...but my favorite that I've been selling for years is from Vickey at KY Candle Supply.

I just loved this Claire Burke scent and the one from KY is dead on...IMO.

Actually when Lori...Bubbles 'N Lights was a supplier I was ordering it from her. Then Vickey became a supplier and I tried hers...it was exactly the same. I've been using it for over 9 years and every year at Christmas my SIL orders 2 dozen votives.

NG has a fragrance that is similar...but...IMO...not as strong as KY's. I can't remember which one it is now...not sure...it might be Christmas Splendor.

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