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In what ways is stearic non-vegan?

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Major consumer products manufacturers, though, won't guarantee the source of their stearic as they get it from wherever it is cheaper and that's just as likely to be of animal origin. So a little voice inside my head says that is probably true across the board.

and if it's of animal origin then it's from a dead animal.

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You have to be SURE you are getting vegi stearic. MMS's stearic is Palm.. I dont use animal products so I double checked. It is palm, which I also dont use, but.. I cant get around it.


If anyone knows of a non palm, non furry, form of stearic.. I'd love to hear it!

As far as vegan.. some take it to the level that milks and beeswax are an "animal source" so they are not vegan.. so I respect that, and mention "this product uses goats milk, or beeswax..." so on and so forth. I have a few buyers who specifically seek out my soaps that contain no goats milk, because they wont use ANYTHING with animal bi-products in it. Most vegetarians wouldnt care about any of that, I would think. My mother in law is vegan but she uses my goats milk soap without hesitation.. so it has to depend on the person.

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