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Stearic Acid Measurements

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I was reading something and it said use 1 1/2oz stearic acid per 1lb of wax.

Then it says f you are going to use a heavy fragrance oil, add an additional 2% stearicacid to your paraffin wax to reduce seepage (2% would be 2 tsp. stearicacid per pound of wax).

So, would you overall use 1 1/2 oz + 2 teaspoons, or two teaspoons total?

I can't imagine we'll be using anything 'heavy' at first... just the cheap stuff at the Hobby Lobby. :pBut I figured I'd ask for future reference.

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I do not know the answer to your question......

Where did you read that? I was just going to ask how much to use per lb. My wax has been leeking/seeping oil for over 6 months and the steraic works most of the time. But when it doesn't? Do I have to keep track of which scent and then assume it is a heavier oil and add more next time? I am using about 1 oz per 9 lbs of wax. Not enough I guess. Going to check for a sale, cause it looks like I am going to need a lot more... Any sales???

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1oz of stearic per 9lbs of wax? If the 1oz stearic to 1lb wax is right, then you need to use a lot more. (Like 9 oz?) Or less fragrance.

But definitely take my advice lightly, I only know what I've read about so far.

Also, I read it off a link someone gave me in another question I asked. The website was called Nature something... Sorry I can't remember, I'll try to check later.

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