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Could use some explanation for this

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I'm testing a candle I made several months ago. It is a jelly jar (8oz), used IGI 4630 and used an ECO 8 wick, no additives, no color. The fragrance is Pomegranate from Candle Science (though to me it smells like strawberry). well, when I first lit the candle, it smoked a lot, I could see a steady stream of black soot rising, but once it achieved a full melt pool, the smoking disappeared. It has a very good HT. Did I use the wrong wick? Do ECO wicks tend to smoke or is it the wax? :confused:

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Top, I believe you're right.

Just went to look at the label I have stuck on it. Looks like I used 1.2 oz. of FO (it was from the Candlesource, not Candle Science) in 10oz of wax. Better go and check how much FO the 4630 can hold. Thank you!

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