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curing tealights

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I don't know how much help I will be since I'm still in the testing stage for tealights.

I don't know what wax you use, but my wax says to let sit for at least 48 hours before burning. Since tealights don't take that much wax I pour a bunch of them (I melt at least 1/4 lb, most of the time more since I want to pour a tin to test too). Pour an even amount in the wicks that I test and then start letting them sit. Pull the first out after 2 days and test, wait a day or 2 and then pull out another one and so forth until they are gone. That way I can see how long they sit with the best throw.

I figure that way when my tealights are finally marketable and I start prepping for a show, I can pour the ones with the longest cure time first and work my way to the shortest.

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