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Soap & Other Obsessions by Zonella Gould, Sally Trew and Diane White

Essentially Soap by Dr. McDaniel

Soap and Other Obsessions is quite good; even with all the proofing errors and recipe errors. Ms. Gould was kind enough to sign my copy and wish me good luck. She also included a sheet of corrections and apologies. How about that for personalizaion? The recipes are spot on but may be a little palm heavy for some soapers tastes. I learned some good sound general information that was easy for me to understand. I would highly recommend this book to anyone interested in making anything from mineral makeup to shampoo.

Dr. Bob (as he is fondly called) gave us INS. He admits that he found this concept from someone else but elaborates as to how it is derived. Dr. Bob's recipes are extremely unbalanced and some of his SAP values don't match up to Soapcalcs but his book is worth the reading. Dr. Bob believes that soaping at high temps and agitation are the secret ingredients to assuring good results. Obviously, he is outdated on some issues but he does help me to fit more pieces of the evolution of the home soaping industry.

Neither book delves to deeply into the chemistry of soapmaking but are extremely helpful in understanding oil/butter properties and especially properties of essential oils. These are not coffee table books for making pretty soaps but take a step toward the meat of soaping. IMHO


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