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Drink Party Theme - need scent ideas and more


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Hey, I have a party booked and they want to have a party drink theme. I need scent ideas, if I need to mix any to make a scents, if you have had one....what games are good. just any info you can share.

I have:

Sex on the Beach (CS)

Amaretto (TCS)

someone told me pina colada and to mix pineapple and carribean coconut if I had those to keep from buying new (the problem is the pineapple is one of the few I can't get a scent throw from) so I use it in my lotions.

please help. thanks in advance.

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sangria (NG)

fuzzy naval

margarita (NG- have regular and frozen)

mojito (NG)


bahama mama

just off the top of my head.

how's that for a non-drinker? :P

If I have no supplier noted then I haven't had one from anywhere yet.. sorry.

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ICS Raspberry Lemonade (very tart & strong)

BCN Strawberry Margarita Closeout (may be available at BCS too can't remember)

BCS Coconut Lime (makes me want a tropical drink EVERY time I mix this one!)

BCS Cherry Vanilla mixed with BCN Key Lime Pie (2:1) I call it Cherry Lime Smoothie.

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NG has a ton of good cocktail scents...

Blue Hawaiian

Cabernet Sauvignon

Champagne Pear

Champagne Pomegranate

Christmas Cabernet

Frozen Margarita

Fuzzy Navel

Gin Martini

Hawaiian Splash

Lavender Martini


Merlot Wine


Pina Colada

Sangria Punch

Sex on the Beach


Sparkling Cider

Strawberry Daiquiri

Sugar Champagne

Tuscan Wine

Vanilla Champagne

White Zinfandel

Now I'm thirsty...is it happy hour yet??

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