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Wood wicks

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I find that the sound from the handmade candles with the wooden wicks is not as loud as the sound from the WoodWick candles.

I have heard that WoodWick uses a blend of soy and parrafin, but I don't know the ratios. The soy/parrafin also seems to produce a fair amount of soot in the container. Their wooden wicks are also different than the ones us crafters use since theirs is a single strip of wood, and ours, as you know, is two strips. I suspect they may treat their wooden wicks with something that makes more crackle, and if so, that might also contribute to the sooting.

For what it's worth, I am using soy and trying to avoid using parrafin simply because I don't want the soot. Like I said earlier, my handmade candles don't crackle as much as the WoodWicks, but the sound does get louder with more FO and dye, and the deeper into the containers they burn. I don't know if the parrafin or the parrafin blend produces more sound than just soy. It would be nice to know if it did :)

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I use a soy-blend for my wood wicks. I have experienced the same with the crackle as Jonsie. It is louder with heavier oils, but other than that it is a quite crackle. I only use the wood wicks in containers that are 3" or more. I was using them in a jelly jar. But the container got way to hot even using the small ones. Also it had a lot of soot when it burned half way. Right now I only use them in an 12oz Statues jar. They burn really nicely with no soot at all. Oh also if you keep them trimmed between burns the crackle is better. HTH

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