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Wicking for Starburst Palm

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I am a newbie to making Pillars and am using the Starburst Palm. My candles are coming out great (appearance wise) but I am not sure about my wicking. I am using a 3 in. by 4.5 inch mold and was wanting another opinion on what kind of wick to use. I have tried CSN 11 (works good, but could be better??) and RRD 37 (works very bad! alot of carbon build-up) and just wanted to know what other kinds of wicks might work well with this type of wax.

I have read the thread on the chemical treatments they use on wicks and found it very helpful. I looked for CDN wicks but cannot locate a supplier. Just needed another opinion on wicking this wax... Thanks for any suggestions! :)

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I am testing starburst and so is top. if you have time read through those. Top has tested every wick to mankind so you will be able to see his results. I have tried the LX CDN and now I am testing CSN . look though those threads. I would interested in what you think or have to offer I have included the link to top's work it is way more extensive than mine.



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Have you tried some different CSN sizes to see which works best for you? CSN was one of the most compatible wicks in feather palm. That should be true for starburst as well, but you should test the sizes in your own candle to decide what to use. You could compare sizes 11-16.

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