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Nebraska Sunflower/Shaw-Mudge


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I'm looking for a good Sunflower to replace TSWs Neb Sunflower. I am just not paying the ridiculous shipping charges on 2 #s of FO from TSW.

Some sunflowers have a wierd Jasmine smell that is overpowering but I did like the Shaw-Mudge version. TIA carole

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The only Sunflower I've ever tried is Peak's and I adore it. It's dry and earthy and wonderful! HTH

That's good to know! I have a sample of it but I've been afraid to put it in wax, I'm a skeered of florals! :tongue2:

PrairieAnnie where in NE are you? I was planning on making the Sunflower for some friends of mine that have sort of a non-standard B&B south of N.Platte, and my SIL lives in Lincoln. I love NE! :cheesy2:

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