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Scent Mixing Question?

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A "part" can be anything you want it to be: an ounce, a pound, a ton.

Country Berry could be, for instance, 2 pounds blueberry, 2 pounds raspberry and 1 pound strawberry. You would end up with 5 pounds of Country Berry.

Now, one thing that could be confusing you is how to end up with a specific amount of Country Berry. Let's say you only want to mix 1 pound FO to fit in a bottle. You need to know how much each "part" should weigh so that it all adds up to the right amount. To get that, take the amount you want to make and divide it by the number of "parts" in the formula.

1 pound / 5 parts = 0.2

The formula is now 0.4 pounds blueberry (2 parts x 0.2), 0.4 pounds raspberry (2 parts x 0.2) and 0.2 pounds strawberry (1 part x 0.2). That adds up to 1 pound Country Berry.

If you wanted to make 1 ounce to scent just one candle, it's the same as that example except that each "part" would weigh 0.2 oz.

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okay; ty so much! that explained it very clear to me.

another question:

okay, so to know how much wax to make for one container, i was told to fill it with water and then epmty the water & measure it. but i don't see how that will tell me how much wax to make? bc water would be measured but cups when wax is in weight.

can someone explain that to me?

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