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It's not so much that it would be a fire hazard, but anything, like glitter, added to your wax would/could clog your wick. I know of some people that add a touch of glitter to the tops of their candles with good luck. I personally won't add anything like that to my candles. Unfortunately, you'll just have to test in your own candles to see what happens. :cool2:

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If it's not a gel candle you could put it on the sides with no fire hazard at all. I'm not sure the methods that are best, but I'm guessing just put a thin layer of clear glue/water on the sides and throw some glitter on there.

I'm glad I read about it first though, because I had no idea about clogging the wick. I would have been making gel candles drowing in glitter that couldn't be used!

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