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Would this work? Melting then transfering?

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Tell me when I become a nuisance. :rolleyes2 I just have so many questions.

I want to make a layered candle, but I don't think the layers will be big enough to accurately use the thermometer. I don't want to make more than one candle, because I have to test it... So would this work?

1. Melt a bunch of parrafin wax with stearin and scent (all layers will smell the same)

2. Pour just what I need into a measuring cup

3. Pour from measuring cup into another pour pot

4. Add color

5. Add to mold

6. Wait to harden a bit and repeat

What do you think? I'm not experienced with candle making at all (except for a beadwax candle kit I got when I was ten :P ) so if there's an easier way, PLEASE let me know!

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The basic idea is fine, but it will work better if you weigh the wax. Put the pouring pot that you're going to use for coloring onto a scale, tare the weight to zero, then pour the appropriate amount of layer wax into it. If you pour the wax into a measuring cup, a lot of it will congeal and stick to the inside of the cup.

Make sure you weigh the full amount of wax also, so that you know how to divide it up. Ounces of weight are not the same as fluid ounces of melted wax.

Finally, watch the temperatures. The wax may cool down considerably when you weigh out each layer, and you may need to warm it up to pouring temperature. Also consider that each layer should be poured hotter than you would pour a full candle--especially the first layer if you pour it into a cold mold. Pour too little wax at too low a temperature and you will get jump lines instead of a smooth surface. Also, don't let each layer totally cool off before pouring the next. You just want a good skin on it and you should see the top surface sinking down in the middle. It's a matter of timing.

Another thing you could consider doing is testing this wax/wick combo before going to all the trouble of making a layered candle with it. Maybe just scent it and make a 3-inch candle for burn testing. When it works OK, make something fancier.


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