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Sorry I've been asking a lot in the past two days. I think just one more question...

I've had a couple of questions that I KNOW have been asked a lot, so I don't want to ask, and I don't get a lot from searching. (Don't get me wrong, I get a TON out of searching, just not for the question I searched for.)

So, my question, or request: Are there any posts or threads you know of that new candle makers should read? Anything about it at all! Especially terms (like wicking and all the numbers) and flea market/craft things.

Anything helps. I just don't want to ask all the questions and bug people who have to answer them ALL the time!

Also, I am in the process of reading all the links in the Helpful Newbie Links. :) So no need to link there.

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I know it takes a lot of time, but when I join a new forum I read EVERY post from oldest to newest before I ever post.

I learn so much and get almost every question answered without even asking.

I read every thread because people some times get off topic in a usefull way and give me ideas that apply to other things.

I think one of the keys to searching forums or the web in general is to have several different words or ways to say what you are looking for.

For example, searching for apothecary, then colonnial for the same jar.

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This is a HUGE forum, so reading every thread might not be practical.. but get creative with search terms... sometimes I cant find what I'm looking for by searching the obvious but trying a few different things will bring it up. Also, make sure you are searching in specific forums, that should help you narrow things down.

for example.. if I search for coconut oil, I'm going to get a TON of soaping posts.. but if I search just in candlemaking and home scenting, I'm going to find all the info I need without wading through the other stuff.

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You can do all the searching and reading you want but there will not be an answer that isn't just someones opinion. If you read what type of wax is best for votives, containers, pillars, 8oz masons jars, flower pots etc and why? Almost every answer will be different. Same goes for wicks and scents. Even the "experts" don't agree. So it will be very hard to read and find what your looking for.

Maybe decide which type of candle you want to start with. Check out the supplier nearest to you to see what they sell and try that first. Check recommended wick for a jar you like. I suggest you always add scent to your tester and color if you are going to use it.

NG http://www.naturesgardencandles.com/candlemaking-soap-supplies/category/798/Candle-Classes.html

has a lot of candle making instructions so does

Peaks http://www.peakcandle.com/basicinstructions.aspx

KY http://www.kycandlewaxsupply.com/candleitems.htm has some too. Can't think of any others off hand but check them out.

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My best advice to anyone interested in the expensive hobby/business of candle making is to start small and slow. Buy a votive kit and find out whether you like paraffin or soy wax and learn about fragrance oils and wicking. Soon enough, you will advance to jelly jars and or pillars and then on to almost any form you find personally pleasing. Go to candle companies and look at their product lines to get an idea of what's out there. Keep your money in your pocket and don't let the addiction get the best of your common sense. Personal taste is a big part of how your experience will evolve. HTH.


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