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Sounds like it could be a cooling issue. If you have a heatgun (harbor frieght has a nice one for 9.99 right now), you can zap it and as you do, you might see it open up even more. Its kinda like a canyon in the wax, and it can be deeper than it looks. Its a good learning experience, I struggled with finding the right way to cool my candles for a few months before I got a handle on them.

What helps me is that I cool my candles on a rack, like you would cool cookies. This allows air to circulate around the candle so the bottom doesnt cool way faster than the top and sides. Next, I place a large box over the top.. essentially protecting them from gusts, breezes, heat changes in my work area. Putting them in your (turned off) oven to cool also works pretty well... a toaster oven is even better.

All that helps, alot. I rarely get a sinkhole anymore... but when I do (sometimes the candles closest to the outside will get it) I just heatgun the top of the sucker and its all taken care of.

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