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OK so I only make tarts for family and friends.. but I just bought some kraft tuck top boxes off the classies that would make really nice tart boxes. They are 2x2x2... they are single votive boxed (I bought them to put a single bath bomb in) but they would fit a few tarts nicely. I dont know where they come from originally, but I bet searching "individual votive box" would bring something up..

I've also used some really cute boxes from Michaels... they are favor boxes, and they are about 1"x2". They are white.. perfect for a stamp on the top.. and they hold 4-6 of the .75oz 1"x1" tarts. (I use the Wilton silicone mini brownie pan to make tarts). I think they come in a box of 100.. and it was around $10.00. But they have a pretty decent selection, if you dont want to order any online.

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Thanks both of your for your replys. I like the idea of paper ones over the plastic ones.

My mold is a walton mold and it is star shaped. I love the sylicon molds, demolds so much easier for both tarts and soaps that I have been making so far.

Thanks again :yay:

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