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ISO a white grape fo to try to recreate a scent


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Ok, now I'm trying to find another one of my favorite Illuminations scents that Yankme carries now. It's called Napa Valley Harvest and it's described on their website as "A wine country celebration ... a warm, fruity medley of rich grapes, sunny citrus and juicy plums". I'm also thinking a white wine fo might work, but the hard part is going to be finding a plummy fo I think.

It seems like I've seen a white grape fo somewhere, but I can't find it now so I thought I'd check here! If anyone can point me in the right direction I'd really appreciate it! :cheesy2:

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Elements has this one...Noire Cedre Vino

i know their discription does not sound like what you are looking for..

but i have this fo..it sparkles right out of the bottle..

to my nose i smell almost all the scents you are looking for..

get a sampler and try it out..to be sure...

i have not used it in wax...only in cp soap..and it smells wonderful..

in soap...and OOB

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Thanks for the suggestions everyone! They all sound good and I'll make sure to eventually try them all out. It looks like I may have found a potential solution in my own backyard though! Peak has both a Vineyard fragrance oil AND a Mandarin Plum fo, I'm going to get samples of each and try mixing them. If you guys are curious about my results I'll post how it turns out!


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