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Do I need to wick this up?

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I bought a Libbey 5475 ( http://www.jarstore.com/catalog/product_detail_libbey.php?subid=196&pid=2245) from the Dollar Tree just to try it out for fun because I like the way it looks.

I had a ton of HTP 126 wicks so I decided to start with that. I'm using CB 135 and CS moon lake musk (which I hate btw) at 8% with a little bit of blue soy chip for color. So far with half the candle burned, I've got hang up still but the wick flickers a lot. With a 3 hour burn, it gets a good melt pool and the jar is only very slightly warm. No black soot.

Maybe I should try wicking up? Or maybe try double wicking, which I've never attempted because I've only ever used 8oz jj's. Or maybe just try a different FO first to see if it behaves any differently? Does anyone else use these jars with CB 135 and HTP's? I think I'll just wick up first with a different FO and go from there......

Don't know if I left anything out but does anyone have any suggestions???

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I am testing this jar myself. I don't use your wax or wick so I am probably not much help. Although I just tried an HTP in the smaller libbey cube and I know nothing about HTP so this should be interesting!

I use a parasoy with extra soy added in and finally decided that I like the 14 ounce cube double wicked with 2 cd 6's for most fo's. Didn't like the flame and soot with a bigger single cd or single zinc. Double wicking with zinc was actually creating more soot than the cd's which surprised me.

I also found that the fragrances that I used dye chips seemed to burn slower/hang up more than the liquid dyes. At least it seems to be working out that way.

Hopeuflly someone else will chime in.

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I would keep burning it until the bottom. I put a med woodwick in the same jar and it took a while to get the corner hang up but it did. I know there is no comparison on the wicking but I think you might be surprised by the time it gets to the bottom.

A picture would help.

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Thanks everyone.

I will keep burning this one just to see what happens.

Next time I will use a lighter FO w/out color with the same wick just to see what happens. If I get the same results, I'll wick up and test again.

If wicking up doesn't help, I may just give up on the container because I don't know if I want to venture into double wicking, even though I do like the container....it just may be too big for my liking. I do this for myself so I don't mind sticking with what works :grin2:

(I just noticed that maybe I should have put this in the veggie wax forum? I thought I had!)

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