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Hey guys...I've been testing for quite awhile now, different waxes in a 16 oz jj, straight sided. Aside from 100% soy, I've always got soot when it starts to get towards the end of the candle. Otherwise, I've got very little soot (but still some), mind you I'm only, so far, doing 3 hour burns. I figured I wouldn't test power burns or even 4 hour burns until I get it right.

I've tried *takes a deep breath in* LX, CDs, ECO's, HTPs, Zincs in various sizes.

I'm using a parasoy blend and I like the throw, I've tried adjusting the amounts of each wax, I've tried adjusting the percentage of FO, I've tried using different FO's completely, still...the same problem no matter what I do. Some wicks more than others, but nonetheless, still SOOT as it approaches the last quarter of the candle.

I've been told it's probably the jar, because it creates kind of a wind tunnel. But I know there are people here that are having soot problems even with wide mouth jars.

My question is: Is it time to ditch the jj's and try something else? I bought sooo many of them, I hate to do that, but I figured maybe I can use them for 100% soy candles, which don't tend to have the black soot (I know they soot white) and so I'm fine with those.

I'm so....freaking...frustrated LOL

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Seems to me if you are only testing 3 hour burns so far, you wick down and live with some hangup. When you test 4 hour burns there will be less. At this point you can't even test longer burns because the candle doesn't burn clean enough and it will only be worse.

By the way, there's no such thing as white soot. It's black, and all candles soot the same color.

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If I test 4 hour burns, do I need to then change the directions on the candle? Mine say to burn an hour for every diameter, which would be about 3 hours?

I did wick down on some of them already, and tested for three hours only, but there was like NO throw whatsoever. The soot was a little better, but not much, but the throw was awful. I tested all the way down to the equivalent of HTP 83 on all the wicks, and some were just plain WAY too small, and the ones that burned more evenly, didn't throw.

At the wick I'm at now, there is some serious hang up on the jar until it's almost burned all the way down, it starts catching up around there. More than half way down, but more than 1/4 left. Seems from what I've tested this is the smallest I can do and get a throw and no tunneling or drowning.

I'm ready to put these jars in my car and back over them! LOL

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Most people don't have the power to change the wax. They just try different wicks. But you are mixing waxes and can use different proportions. Maybe you can finagle it that way. Also consider the possibility of using a wick size that doesn't need to be trimmed. It might work better if you can just light the candle up instead of snipping each time.

1 hour per inch of candle diameter is a beginner guideline from some candlemaking suppliers and message boards. Candle labels conventionally say to burn for 3 to 4 hours at a time. It doesn't matter how wide your candle is. A 2 1/2 inch tumbler isn't made for 2 1/2 hour burns. A votive isn't made for 1 3/4 hour burns. That has nothing to do with anything.

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I have to agree with Top about the soot...I had no problem getting 100% soy wax to produce serious amounts of black soot...lol :rolleyes2

Anyway, I certainly understand your frustration and I do not really have a concrete answer as to why other then the usual suspects...

Are the wicks being trimmed?

Is it out of a draft?

Is the jar taller then it is wide?

(It has been my experience with wicking that when the jar is taller then wider I had a harder time with sooting and getting it wicked properly. I noticed it alot with Metro Jars...the jars from hell!):shocked2:

Hope you get it worked out. :smiley2:

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I feel your pain. I am experiencing this with one of my little containers too. I get very little soot with my wider mouth containers but the little libbey cube is giving me fits. I will say that a wider mouth jar is easier to work with in terms of soot but I understand wanting to make something work. Esecially if you have a lot of them. I don't get much soot unitl the end of my container too and it frustrates me to no end. I am testing the low smoke zinc in it right now and it seems to be burning cleaner but it's not at the bottom yet. I'll be testing two other wick types that I just poured last night so I'll keep you updated if I find one that works for me in a smaller diameter container. I use a parasoy blend too.

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