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Scent throw in Candles and Tarts

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I am new to making soy candles and in desperate need of help!

I have been making container candles in jars that have a 80mm diameter (about 1/2lb wax per jar).

I have used CBEXCEL, CB135, and CBADV.

I have tried RRD55 wicks, ECO14 wicks, and CSN26 wicks.

Fragrance oil at between 6% and 12%.

I have mixed and poured at 135, 150, and 175, but am still getting very little scent throw from any of the many candles I have made.

I have been using any leftover wax to make tarts, and the scent throw from these is perfect.

Does anyone know what I am doing wrong?

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Sounds like your wick is off. I looked at this handy website that somebody else gave me on this board and you are using the largest wick suggestion for your jar size. Try wicking down. I'm not familier with those wicks (tried the RRD and did not really care for them, but that is personal preferance). Maybe try a RRD 40 or 47 or a LX 22 or 24. (I think LX was the other wick you tried). Others who uses your wicks may be able to give you better help.

Here is that website. Save it, it comes in handy :)


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How long did you allow the candles to cure? Soy candles need from 1 - 2 weeks to cure in order to get a decent scent throw in most scents. Which fragrance oil did you use. Not all of them work well in soy. CBAdv. is notorious for weak scent throw on this board. I've never used it but if you do a search you'll soon see what I'm saying. Sorry I couldn't help you more.

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I have only waited about a week before burning so maybe that's it.

I've used an assortment of oils, all US oils although I am in the UK and they are more difficult to get.

I shall try different wicks, and oils, and wait for two weeks and see what happens.

Thanks for all the help.

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I started off using the CB Advanced and was not happy with the scent throw at all. no matter what scent I ued. I changed over to CB135 and it's much better for me with nearly all the scents I've tried - usually waiting a week, sometimes less to get a good HT throw.

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