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Citronella oil in a diffuser question


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Hi all,

just wondering whether anyone has done a citronella EO in a diffuser kit?

I've had a friend who has a mozzie problem and she was asking me about the use of citronella and I thought there shouldn't be a problem.

If using EO in a diffuser, would anyone know the breakdown with EO and diffuser base??

Any advice really appreciated - thanks !

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I was just going to ask the question in another thread you replied about diffusers - so thanks for your reply here too :)

I have had great success with 40% FO and 60 Base, but was stumped with using EO.

My friend is pretty much like me - get eaten alive by mozzies - maybe 10 people in a room and I'll (and she) will be the first to get bitten every time <lol>

I loathe the smell as well, but was thinking about mixing it either with lemon or orange FO as well (they mix well with the citronella apparently), that way it won't be all citronella - hopefully this will add a 'fresh' aroma to the whole thing :)

At least you've given me a starting point and I'll test it for myself before committing to her.

Thank you !


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