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selling on-line candle and tarts

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How many of you have on-line selling and what it makes on line selling successful for you.I see there are people who make fair income from it and I see people thats been a few years on line and sell hardly nothing.

Thanks and I know others are interested in the same.

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The trouble with selling on a website is that there are literally millions of candle sites on the web. To get sales on your website takes time and lots of marketing and resources.

I have a website but don't have a lot of sales. The bulk of my sales is mostly from previous customers. Customers that buy my products at markets, shops, craft shows, etc., I give them my website info so they can find me. But most of them still prefer to buy at craft shows so I have a craft show & market dates calender page on my website.

You always need to have marketing materials with you that promote your products and website. It takes time to build sales for your website but it can be done.

Since the recession and shipping rates increasing sales have dropped significantly. I combat that by offering sales, discounts, and free shipping from time to time. My biggest sales on my website came from free shipping offers. You just have to price your products very carefully so you don't lose money.

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