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oh Lordy, I have 2 off the wall questions that I have been asked...

Wow, is that real fruit in those pies?

Can I just purchase your oils as I have some candles at home that I want to poke a hole near the wick and fill up with oil to make them stronger?

I saw her house going up in flames, lol and of course I told her that wasn't safe. The bad thing is I don't think she believed me and moved on, whew.

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Someone asked me once, 'do the candles taste as good as they smell?' Duh, try one.

:whistle: I have to admit I can honestly tell them 'no'. My brother was watching me pour candles one day, and I was grabbing the drip and wiping my finger on the pour pot like I do every time. He asked me, 'do you ever accidentally lick your finger?'... 'no, of course not', I tell him... then, what do I do? I licked my finger. Strawberry Jam - soy wax. :tongue2:

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When my sister had her store front people would say "oh this store only smells strong because they have all of these candles" um no it is because we have a melt going or a candle going type of thing.

I have been asked "How do you know it smells good from start to finish", because I burn my own candles,

I have also been asked if they taste like they smell and I know for a fact they don't as I did something similar to someone above, I went to wipe the edge (like making a cake), licked my finger and yuck...also got Home Sweet Home on my lip before...and Sweet Pea...

And I have had those that say...just make mine stronger...lol...again-like someone said I wanted to say oh ok, I will just give the normal to someone else...but no I say-if I go any stronger it won't burn correctly...

People crack me up honestly...

Or the ones that say-I would rather make my own, and my response-YES you should look into it...it is LOTS of fun (which it is BUT, it is also work)...

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I used to make cinnabun candles and folks would always ask if they could eat them. LOL! Yeah.. ya can. But ya might not poop for a week ;)

And, are those real raisins on the cinnabuns ;) Um.... seriously.. LOL

And.. Do you make alllll these candles ? Well what do you think? I make a few and buy the others ? Really? LOL!!


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We make gingerbread scented gingerbread boy melts around Christmas. We have had several men stop by our booth and say "I'll take a 1/2 dozen" - we say "do you realize these are melts, not cookies" - awwwwww, they get such a sad face on and say "oh, nevermind".

Next year we should make gingerbread cookies so that these poor guys aren't so disappointed! :laugh2:

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This is a good thread! I had a wholesale customer ask (for one of their customers) if I poured the outside of the (jar candle) first, and then just filled the center with scented wax...now why would I do that?? Think about it....HOW WOULD I DO THAT!? LOL:laugh2:

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