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I did it, I did it, I did

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And probably got it wrong... Ok, here's what happened. Two days ago I made 2 candles using the Joywax from NG. I used the Libbey tumbler (11oz.) from Lonestar.

In one tumbler I used a cotton wick (C 75), and in the other one I have an HTP 83.

Last night I tried the one with the cotton wick. Finally, for the first time in all these months I ended up with a candle that smells great!!:yay::yay:

It burned beautifully, the scents throw was great, the glass did not overheat at all, and I am soooo very happy.

However, I think I did the testing all wrong. For one thing, I think it took close to an hour to achieve a full melt pool, but I'm not sure (mistake #1: I did not check the time). Mistake #2: did not measure the depth of the melt pool, but it was a very thin layer. Mistake #3: It burned over 8 hours straight, and I think I should have done a shorter burn.

The jar still has close to 3/4 wax in it. Is it too late for me to do a shorter burn test?

Oh, about the wick... the flame was very steady, less than 1/2 inch tall. I did notice that after 8 hours though, it wasn't as "vibrant" as before, so I poured some of the liquid wax out, and the wick came back to life, so to speak. Does that mean I should have used a larger wick?

Haven't tried the other candle, the one with the HTP 83. Any and all suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

Nearly forgot, the FO I used was Aspen Forest from Bert's. Thank you all!

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I would go ahead and test burn the candle all the way down and see what happens. (not all at once) Do several more test burns. If your having to pour wax out when its at the top your wick may get drowned out farther down the jar. (not sure how tall your container is)

If that happens you may want to wick up.

Happy Testing!


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pfsponies, I think I'll pour another one today and wick up one size from the C75.

Megfarwell, I think Joywax is over 90% soy. I use the 415 for tarts. Perhaps you could try a cotton wick? Certainly don't think I'm a pro at wicking :laugh2:. I have everything to learn when it comes to making decent candles!

Like I said, after months and months and months of trying, I got desperate and sent an email to NG begging for assistance. Now at least I have a starting point.

Also, from what I read here, I think that just because a wick/wax combination gives you good results, it does not mean it'll work with every single FO... Oh joy, I can't wait :rolleyes2

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Thank you, Stella, I am excited like a kid at Christmas, that's for sure!

Right now I have the other candle going, the one with the HTP 83 wick. It's been burning for about an hour, and I think I may need to wick up with this one as well. I'm saying this because I can see that the wax has not melted right across the top. There is wax all around the container. Not sure though, I'll wait a little longer. Also this one (the HTP 83) does not seem to smell as strong as the one I made with the cotton wick. Hmmm :confused:

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